We are looking forward to your visit

As a family-owned house, we give ourselves the greatest possible effort to prepare you a pleasant stay.
Enjoy tasty specialties from the charcoal grill with oven potatoes with cottage cheese or homemade salads at our Barbecue.
And if the grill should not be the focus once, we offer you a changing daily dish at a reasonable price. Parking spaces are available in front of our house and are available to our guests free of Charge.
Four-legged friends are also welcome in our hotel and are welcomed with welcome treats.
Of course, there are also up-to-date daily newspapers and magazines.

Bistro opening

Monday-Friday: 05pm - 12pm

Saturday: closed

Sunday: 03pm - 10pm



Monday-Friday: 03pm - 10pm

Saturday: 12am - 06pm

Sunday: 03pm - 10pm


If you should arrive at a different time please do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution.

Daily meal

15. January 2018

 Schnitzel with vegetable from mangold

and fried potatoes


16. January 2018

Scalloped Pasta squares filled with meat and spinach,

in addition a salad


17. January 2018

 Boiled fillet in a creamy red cole with salt potatoes

and salad


18. January 2018

Homemade gulash soup with fresh farmerbread